Change Shot Angle In Post

In the throng of the film set, camera operators have to determine the camera angle, the aperture, and depth of field of the camera. In the future, they will be able to change these parameters, even in post-production thanks to a new camera technology.

The array features 16 cameras in total, placed in a four-by-four grid that measures barely a foot on each side—so it’s small enough to be used on set without hindering current production workflows. The multiple views of each scene allow a custom piece of software to calculate the depth information for every single pixel being captured and recorded by the cameras—and its this data that’s vital to this system’s impressive capabilities.

Knowing where in a scene each pixel was captured in 3D space allows the software to then calculate and produce artificial in-between frames and camera angles. So if a director or editor isn’t completely happy with what was captured on set, they can tweak and adjust it in post until it’s perfect. The same goes for the depth of field of a shot; like with the Lytro it can be adjusted afterwards to change the focus of a scene.

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