Disintegration Effect

I have been working on a new TV spot that is all about heat and working out. The titles needed a little something special.  I was not sure what to do other then the fact that I needed something that looked hot.  I was thinking smoke.  Video Copilot is one of my top sites to go to for ideas in Post Production. After looking over some tutorials I found “Disintegration” Its a good After Effects project to build and use for just about anything.

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Picture 2

Ryan Trenhaile up in flames.

This is not an easy effect to do but its very cool looking.

Ryan Trenhaile done in After Effects

Ryan Trenhaile done in After Effects

I hope this effect makes it into my new TV spot but you never know if it will pass review. We should know how it all looks in a few days.  I hope to have a test video ready to show at the end of the week.  Take a look at Video Copilot for more good ideas in Post Production.

Check it out on Video Copilot!

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