Disney | Virtual Jungle CruisePlunge down a prehistoric river on a raft in the Dinosaur Age. Try desperately to avoid dangerous obstacles in the running rapids. With a touch of 4-D, you may even get splashed!

The Explore Zone boasts the Virtual Jungle Cruise. Guests get into rafts that are positioned in front of large projection screens. The raft actually sits on an air mattress that moves to the motion of waves, to give you the real feeling of being on a rafting expedition. Each guest is also handed a paddle. As the ride begins, the air mattress under your raft inflates, which does a good job of simulating water motion. Guests must use their paddles to control the raft. For example, if the guests on the right side of the boat paddle, your view on the screen will go to the left, and vice versa. You’re mission is to see how far down the river you can get before the end. Your mission begins in a virtual DisneyLand (complete with castle in the background). As you proceed, you go back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. You experience some pretty heavy rapids, going over some waterfalls, through caves, and much more. The raft will respond to everything you see on the screen (including spurts of water where appropriate). All in all…it’s great fun.
Disney Virtual Jungle Cruise Screens